Al Taif Investment company was setup as a collaborative effort between Dubai Investments PJSC and Fujairah Investment Establishment ltd. It was created with a vision to create an investment firm founded on sound principles and epitomizing ideal values that would raise the bar for Investment Industry standards. It is an independent entity aspiring to be the best in the region and subsequently around the globe. The rationale behind this venture was to present a range of investment opportunities for regional and international investors who are looking to invest across UAE.

Launched in 2007, the main focus of Al Taif Investment is to invest in new or growing businesses and catalyze their expansion through an in-depth investment advisory coupled with much-needed capital resources. With their operational base located in Fujairah, Al Taif investment aims to capitalize on Fujairah's investment potential and exploit the diverse business opportunities that the emirate offers. With a strategic perspective to expand horizons and rival global leaders of the industry in the near future, the long-term objective of Al Taif Investment is the augmentation of share holder and investor equity.